Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stop Smoking in a Simple Way - Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking in a Simple Way - Quit Smoking
By Mia Sidiro

Everyone these days knows that smoking is unsafe to our health, however many people continue to smoke. The shocking reality is that the number of smokers globally is not diminishing enough.
Surveys have shown that lots of people start smoking at a very young age and this can very well be the reason why giving up the habit is extremely difficult.

Research has found that approximately 70% - 80% of smokers wished to stop smoking, but most were incapable of succeeding.
Smoking is hard to stop since cigarettes have a nicotine agent, which the user becomes addicted to. Although addiction is not as serious as using other narcotics, it is hard to quit and almost unbearable to smokers.

There are quite a few reasons why it is tough to stop smoking habit.
First, smoking is lawful. Smokers are able to smoke without fear, unless they are in countries that have banned smoking indoors of public places..
Second, cigarettes are readily available anywhere.
Third, smokers see they are not alone as many others are also smoking; hence they don't feel guilty for smoking especially since it is accepted almost everywhere worldwide.

.Aside from this, the need to smoke can be be put off if necessary. A smoker can delay his cigarette for quite some time if the circumstances will not allow him to do so.
This of course is the difference between cigarettes and other drug addictions wherein other drugs require "instant gratification". The level of addiction makes people blind to the hazard of cigarette reliance.

Even though giving up smoking is hard, it is not impossible. It can be overcome, when a smoker has a strong incentive to quit.
There is an easy way which will help smokers to quit: picture yourself as a non-smoker, possibly more athletic that before, smelling great, more money in your pocket, etc. Simply picture and feed your mind the positive thoughts that would come from being smoke-free. This is called self-affirmation.

Self-affirmation must consist of the 3Ps: private, present tense, as well as positive. This means that the sentence must use word I (personal) in present tense and make use of positive words. Thus those who want to quit smoking must not use word 'will' or desire to', they need to use positive words as well as not the negative like 'no' or 'don't'. Example: Now that I am a non-smoker, I am so energetic and that allows me to exercise more.

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