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Benefits Of Jogging

Benefits Of Jogging

The word Jogging is derived from the word Jog, which refers to run at a steady gentle pace especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise. Jogging can be vaguely-defined to a type of slow running, which may have originated in the United Kingdom.

Jogging was previously called "Roadwork", but after gaining popularity in the 1960s to 1970s when US athletes in training ran several miles each day as part of their training, this word was mostly replaced by the word "Jogging" and hence the term Jogging came into existence.

Poor heart conditioning, poor muscle toning and lack of strength are the most vital issues which are derived by the lack of jogging.

From the cardiovascular point of view jogging makes the heart stronger by increasing the capacity of blood circulation and of the respiratory system. This is very essential for maintaining good fitness and also a strong heart. Jogging speeds up and helps to relieve many digestive problems as well.

Jogging also benefits the digestive system by making the process faster and also relieves many digestive problems. It also helps reduces stubborn belly fat, which can be very hard to shift, but by the means of good jogging one can help cut down that stubborn fat from the body. If one is facing a loss of appetite then jogging also helps in improving one’s appetite.

Another huge benefit of jogging is known as Stress relief. Allowing a jogger the time to think about life's problems or the time to escape from them for a while, tension easily flies away by the wayside if one is jogging over the miles. Distance runs are great for solving problems, which can surely stress a person. Speed runs are great for tearing through violent behavior and rage.

Focusing all that emotion into a few sprints with this one will feel much better in no time. Jogging also includes mental benefits such as relaxation and reduction of anxiety.

Strength is another aspect of jogging as it strengthens the muscles and bone density of the legs, hips and back. Bulky muscles are achieved through weight training and not jogging, but by the means of jogging leg strength is definitely achieved.

Also, the constant impact caused during jogging or running can increase the bone density, as long as a healthy diet is been followed.

By: Valik Rudd
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